Collection: Double Fable

Fashion desginers Yong Guo and Hualei Yu are MFA degree holders in fashion design, who graduated from Parsons School of Design, The New School. Their thesis collection was selected for CFDA Graduate Showcase, and its first series was launched on New York Fashion Week in September, 2019 and exposed on the news of VOGUE runway, LOVE, i-D, 1Granary, etc. After returning back to China from New York City, Yong and Hualei founded DoubleFable in 2021.

DoubleFable concentrates on the researching on cultural differences and zeitgeists. They convey their comprehension by visual images' identities, and their design focuses on the thinking and developing of strcuture, silhouette, tailoring, craftsmanship, textile, and showcasing. DoubleFable communicates "two stories/allegories," which interprets not only the interactivities between Yong and Hualei, but also the transfiguration between their visual and fashion languages.

Based on individual life experiences&cultural identity, we transform our thoughts and consideration 

towards the people as well as our times into visual expression in the way of fashion.Through our 

looks, we convey cultural characteristics and aesthetics of our times combined with oriental feature 

to the world.

We encourage women to unshackle themselves from external ideas and stereotypes, to pursue 

their inner feelings, and to appreciate their unique characteristics.