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Double Glass Mush Ring

Double Glass Mush Ring

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The design of this Double Glass Mush Ring embraces sustainability. Its prototype employs 3D technology to reduce wax waste and is made from recycled materials, including silver sourced from electronics, x-ray films, old jewelry, and various other reclaimed materials. The glass used is recycled from bottles, windows, lamps, and other sources.

Material    925 Recycled Silver + Recycled Glass  Weight      5.49 g/unit

Get ready to turn heads with a collection of vibrant, one-of-a-kind mushroom! Each piece is uniquely crafted from recycled glass, boasting its own stunning color combination. Plus, by sporting this ring, you're not only rocking a bold fashion statement but also championing biodiversity and raising environmental awareness worldwide. Slow fashion has never been this sassy and spicy!

Why Mushrooms?

The Amanita mushroom, it's famous, magical, and incredibly poisonous! Known as the fairy's home, it loves chilling in birch forests and helps out trees by giving them nutrients. But be careful – if you eat it, you might see things that aren't there and have some wild reactions! However, fear not, it's also perfect for adornment! Unique, enchanting, and exquisite – just like you. So why not take the plunge and join the Flock?

 Ps: Sold as a unit! Mix and match with other rings or choose two of the same! It's your call, but getting two is always the smart move! The more, the merrier!

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